The story of (Dahab) in Europe started when we noticed the lack of Middle Eastern and oriental food products that have the quality suits the taste of the Middle Eastern consumers in Europe.

Often the buyer was looking for what he wanted in groceries that imported food products from outside the European Union, only to find them of low quality compared to what he used to buy in his country, leaving him between the choice of rejecting them or forced acceptance of their low quality.

Dahab, I decided to work on overcoming this challenge that we face with many residents of the European Union, and over two years it established a lot of experiments and research with various major European laboratories specialized in the manufacture of foodstuffs, and relied on the experience of specialized oriental chefs who cooperate with it to reach a product that carries The two most important features:

1. Unrivaled European quality. All of our products are manufactured in Europe, and are subject to the strict and famous quality standards in it (such as Germany, Holland, Greece, Spain, Britain, etc.)

2. Taste, flavor and specifications that suit the oriental and Arab taste and live up to the quality of oriental and Arabic foods and sweets. As Dahab’s goal is to create the right and most successful combinations and recipes in giving the authentic taste to the dishes prepared in our homes in Europe and making them just as they were in our countries.

In Dahab, we are convinced that our “food” is part of us, our personality, and our memories of our life in our home country. That is why we worked and work hard to preserve all these characteristics in our products, and we were keen to offer them at reasonable prices that suit everyone to become truly the title of “golden” products in Europe.

The name of our company (Dahab) reflects our values ​​and general strategy, and indicates the quality of our products and our commitment to authentic taste. We are all confident that the Middle Eastern consumer is the only consumer with a high taste that can distinguish the original pure Gold (Dahab).