Our Vision

To become the consumer’s first choice in high quality, untampered food items while preserving the Middle Eastern heritage in its flavors and ingredients

Our Mission

Producing and marketing food products and presenting them to the consumer in the markets of Europe, the Middle East and the world after studying each product in depth to provide the best preparation options away from relying on many products.

Our Values

Quality: Dahab is keen on the quality of what it offers and believes that success can only be achieved through this and that quality cannot be compromised in any way.

Transparency : Because we work in an area that directly affects people’s health, and because we believe that transparency in the information provided is an integral part of the quality of the product itself that we seek, we make every effort to maintain the highest level of information transparency during the stages of our work.

We are committed to sharing with the consumer and the official authorities all information about our products, methods of manufacturing and importing them, quantities supplied, taxes and customs, because we believe that the principles and ethics of correct work cannot be divided, and that making profit through regular methods is an additional guarantee to the consumer that our product conforms to European specifications and there is no tampering with it.

Society : The health of the community is the health of our actions. We seek to develop our business by developing the communities we work with and informing them of the correct information related to foodstuffs in general, away from the manipulation of words to change the facts.